Wednesday, July 30, 2008

# 23 Yeah Me!

I feel like I've really accomplished birth, a mararthon, something major....
I will answer the questions.
1. discoveries - learning cool tools to help me professionally; Google docs. del. bookmarking, photosmart.
2. I will continue with this program, though at a much slower pace, with iHCPL - 23 Things at Harris County Public library & introduce this to our staff, starting with about 4 willing victims.
3. To work this program, I had to do a lot of unexpected things. I had to sign on for many accounts. I ended up just copying the sign-in page with password, user name & what it was for for my notebook. I also had to get my lap top back on line, & figure out my att sbc yahoo & yahoo mail account problem. These things were extremely time consuming. Also, since I am older, it took me several tries to accomplish anything.
4. The concept & format are great! I wouldn't change a thing. Everyone should know & learn about all of the content in the 23 things.
5. Yes, I would love to participate in another discovery program like this.
6. What an experience!
7. Going to comment.......

#22 Ning

Teacher Librarian Ning, Texas Library Ning , & Teacher Ning are social networks like MySpace or Facebook. Students are familiar with social networks & may find the experience of discussing topics another way to build connections or even learn. It may be an informal or non-threatening way for students and teachers to converse. I particulary liked the Teacher Ning. It looked like it had a lot to offer.

#21 My kid in Alaska

My husband & son went fishing in Alaska last week. These are a few pics of my 12 year old son, Brett. He wants you to know that he did not choose the music!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#20 You Tube & Teacher Tube

This is from YouTube. My kids love Halo videos, Halo glitches, & parody songs on YouTube. White & Nerdy from Al Yankovich is hilarious, yes, he is still alive & kicking. Will post my favorite from Teacher Tube when email glitch is resolved. It's called 1 Semester of Spanish - Spanish Love Song.

I almost forgot, I found this very valuable and "tagged" all of the Lee LeFever's educational tech videos for the technically challenged, which is why I like & understand them, on my bookmark so that I can share them with staff on my campus. I also loved the rapping math teachers......

Monday, July 28, 2008

#19 Web Winners

I like to look around before I buy or try anything, so I browsed Web Winners tonight, instead of just picking one & getting into it I tried the following:
Aprendiendo EspaƱol - 3rd best educational website winner for teaching spanish via podcasting, kinda racey for school agers.
Docstoc - legal, educational, buisness, technical documents to copy & use.
Hairmixer -chick site
PBwiki - just to see the background; business, educational uses to have open documents available for use.
Social - Ask what are you doing? in English or Japanese, social IM, which I learned about from a tech podcast I found when taking other tech course last summer.
Web Dev -mashups, but very cool, keep an eye on these things called YahooPipes which aggregrates, combines, & mashes tools from web to create something unique. Loved the winery one, would be great for a bike tour.

Saw, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pbwiki, Rollyo all there!

#19 Open Office vs Google Docs

Open Office offers education & business documents in many different languages. It can be opened and worked on by more than one person at a time. It is free, fast and can be saved in different formats.
Google docs is also free, can be opened & worked on by more than one person at a time, and has a huge variety of templates for presentations, resumes, invitations, business stationary, labels, ect. It seemed to run pretty slow tonight, I'm not sure if that is always the case. It is not multi-lingual.
Microsoft Office 2007 is not free, not compatible with 2003, and not as easy to use as the 2003(however, this could be me). I am not impressed with Vista or 2007 as far as being user friendly due to different features.

#17 Rollyo Rollyo
I couldn't get the icon to come up, but I did make a really great list of sites we've played with on 23 things. I will try later to get the icon on my blog.